Cooper Island Beach Club is set on the pristine shores of Manchioneel Bay, on the northwest corner of the island. It’s ripped right out of picture post card with beautiful swaying palms and white sand beach with crystal clear water. The beautiful surroundings are offering hours of exploration and are perfect for relaxing, swimming and snorkeling.

You can snorkel along shore just south of the anchorage in 6-8 feet of water over turtle grass. This is an excellent place to view sea turtles and spotted eagle rays. For divers, 100 yards away is the famous “Wreck Alley”, a quadruple wreck site. Whilst the wrecks themselves provide an interesting feature to explore, be sure to look for the large colony of marine life.


Cooper Island is a great place to stop after a morning at the Baths in Virgin Gorda, or after a snorkel and swim at the Caves of Norman Island or a stop at Peter Island. Beautiful setting, excellent food and cheerful staffs, Cooper island is a favorite for our St. Thomas and St. John charter boat groups and we definitely agree!



Equally appreciated for its protected anchorages, breathtaking beaches, unspoiled beauty and calm, casual, laidback lifestyle, Jost Van Dyke is known as the party capital of British Virgin Islands. Home of Foxy’s, world known for its New Year’s Eve party and Soggy Dollar, creator of the famous “Painkiller” drink.


There are many other things to do in and around Jost Van Dyke. You can explore the vegetation-covered ruins easily by hiking or take an ATV. Watch the whales and dolphins from a peaceful hilltop. There are series of small islands that also offer spectacular beaches, day anchoring and snorkeling in shallow reefs.

Jost Van Dyke is a special island with incredibly friendly residents and a casual way of life. It has been a favorite destination of because of its unpretentiousness. Discover this idyllic tranquil retreat.


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A remote naturally made spit of sand with a unique topography. It measures less than half an acre in size, and consists entirely of a ring of sandy beach surrounding light foliage. the southwest corner when a swell is not present snorkeling is amazing. One of the corona beer commercials was filmed here and many professional photo shoots.



For those seeking a sense of adventure, Norman Island does indeed offer a treasure of unspoiled beauty in its rugged shoreline and several safe bays, as well as a memorable underwater world in its caves and offshore reefs. It offers two great snorkeling experiences: The Caves and The Indians.

The Caves are only 4′ deep that are home of the variety of tropical fish, brightly colored coral and sponge encrusted walls. The best time to tour The Indians is when the sun is shining brightly to appreciate the incredible colors of fish, coral and sponges. As you swim over the base of a cliff, you will see various corals, sponge-laden ledges, sea fans and gorgonians, trumpet fish, black durgons and blue chromis.


Norman Island has drawn adventurers, explorers for its sense of adventure and thrill. You do not know what you are missing if you have not experienced the island!



A paradise for those who enjoy the tropical breezes, sandy beaches, azure water and bountiful mood-lifting sunshine, St. John embodies beauty, tranquility and privacy. There’s a rich, green lush covering most of the island. Handsome beaches with vivid, intricate coral reefs fueled with underwater life add to St. John’s appeal. Away from the hectic and frenzy world, the island personifies solitude.


Explore St. John’s famous locations. For excellent snorkeling, visit Waterlemon Cay in Leinster Bay. World class beaches can be found at Honeymoon, Hawksnest, Dennis Bay, Maho Bay and Francis Bay. You will get a chance to see Trunk Bay, Cinnamon Bay and all of St. John’s foliage. Head to Caneel Bay Resort or Cruz Bay several beach front restaurants and beaches for sumptuous meals.


A range of activities await you to suit your activity levels. From hiking the many winding trails in the park to snorkeling in the calm bays to diving with the turtles, recreational sports flourish on island. Sailing, parasailing, windsurfing and boating to nearby islands are also popular activities.



Featuring 32 square miles of lush tropical paradise, St. Thomas can best be seen through the winding hills, mountainous roadways and breathtaking shorelines. Its weather makes this paradise in the Caribbean an attractive choice for a vacation throughout most of the year.


For those who enjoy dining out, there are a number of fine dining opportunities featuring international cuisine. As for recreation, St. Thomas Virgin Islands vacation will not disappoint. Everything from an 18-hole golf course to a marine park, multiple tennis facilities, charter boats and a bowling center, there is plenty to see and do. Historical sites are also popular among travelers and no St. Thomas Virgin Islands vacation would be complete without learning a little about the area’s history.

There are a number of ways to see the sites during your St. Thomas Virgin Islands vacation. No better way to see the best that this tropical island paradise has to offer than with a St.Thomas boat charter. With multiple secluded coves for snorkeling and outer islands to keep your mind wondering. Wonder off to Buck Island and swim with turtles in turquoise blue water.



Pristine and the third-largest and second most populous island in the BVI chain, Virgin Coda has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. It has world class sailing with some of the calmest, safest anchorages for Tortola Yacht Charters, and it is home to some of the British Virgin Islands’ most luxurious hotels.

The centerpiece of this dramatic area on Virgin Gorda’s north shore is The Baths. It is almost impossible to be on a Tortola charter and not experience The Baths. It is a geological wonder comprised of awe-inspiring granite boulders, which form sheltered sea pools on the beach’s edge. The protected area also includes Devil’s Bay, which can be reached from The Baths by a series of ladders scaling the boulders.


Paradise awaits you on Virgin Gorda. You will be drawn by its deserted pristine beaches, popular natural attractions, historic ruins, exquisite cuisine that is a wonderful combination of influences. And the best way to see its charm ad sheer beauty is to have one of our boats drop you off by water and meet you at the end on this beautiful breath taking beach.